Source NPCEdit

Fionelle in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 4

Sub QuestsEdit

Feeble's Crest

The Feeble Lizardmen have been attacking us more frequently than they used to. We tried to talk to them several limes, but our truces never lasted long. The only solution I can think of is take away the symbols of their leaders and set an example to the rest of them. Some Feeble Lizardmen carry Feeble‘s Crest which symbolizes their authority. Please defeat those Lizardmen and bring back their crests.
Okay, but who are their leaders?
No, it sounds too dangerous.
The leaders of the Feeble Lizardmen are Feeble Lizardman Warriors tat carry swords and shields. They're smarter and stronger than the rest, so they're worshipped by all of the other lizards Please defeat them and confiscate 10 Feebles Crests. They‘re in the Lizardman Settlement east of this Marblai Fortress.
Hopefully, the Lizards won't dare attack or steal from us again. Please take this small token o my appreciation. Thank you!
Thank you.


Feeble's Crest

  • 300 EXP
  • Helmet Lvl 5


Feeble's Crest