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To create an Dekaron Europe account you have to visit Nexon Europe. Be sure to use an existing e-mail you can access. You will receive an verification-mail which contains data you will need to activate or restore your account or proof your ownership. Also be sure to use the correct first, family name and birth date. These information will be prompted on changing e-mail or password.


Login your Nexon Account switch to My Account and choose Withdraw


System Requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
CPU Pentium 3 1GHz or higher Pentium 4 2.4GHz or higher
RAM 512MB or more 1GB
VGA GeForce MX or higher GeForce FX5900 128MB or higher
Direct X 9.0.c or above 9.0.c or above
System Requirements Visited: 2012-12-09


To be able to download the game files you must have a valid account at Nexon Europe. Log in and download Dekaron from Nexon Dekaron.


Installing the game requires administrative rights on the operating system.

Start GameEdit


To start the game log in at Nexon Dekaron and choose Play. The desktop shortcut will also link to the login-page at Nexon. The Launcher will start and update the game files. When finished click at Start.
The game requires administrative rights to start. Once the Game started choose a Server and click at OK.

Character CreationEdit


Choose New and select the class you like to play. A small description of the selected class will appear at the left half of screen. To rotate the preview click at the left or the right yellow arrow below the 3D-model. To enter a name click right between the two arrows. Special characters or spaces are not supporter.


Choose the character you want to delete and click on Delete. Enter I agree and confirm.

In Game HelpEdit

By pressing H after login with any character you can display a in game help window. Where you can find a short description of the controls and game mechanics.





Battle SystemEdit

Battle System