Source NPCEdit

Fionelle in Ardeca


  • Level Requirement: 1

Sub QuestsEdit

Moth Wing Powder

Moth around this Marblai Fortress are so fertile that it is almost impossible to stop those poisonous insects from reappearing. To make matters worse, these Moths scatter toxic dust from their wings, contarninating areas that we've just purified. The Incar Magicians need Moth Wing Powder to analyze that substance and come up with a countermeasure. Please bring 10 Moth Powders. Your help would be really appreciated.
Not a problem. I'll be right back.
Thank you. I'm sure this won't be too difficult for you. Please go back to the Moth habitat and collect 10 Moth Wing Powders from the Moths. Please try not to touch their wings since they‘re covered with extremely toxic dust.
I'll be right back.

Excellent! This is enough for the Incar Magicians to analyze this substance. Thank you for doing this for us. I know it was dangerous.
I'm just glad to help.


Moth Wing Powder

  • 120 EXP
  • Level 4 Boots


Moth Wing Powder

Fionelle asked you to collect 10 Moth Wing Powder from Moths around the Marblai Fortress.